Friday, November 28, 2014

The unfolding of pure being

While he or she is a mad, crazy shape-shifter, the beloved will often appear as a wild tour guide to take you into the vast, pregnant reality of wholeness.

You thought it was safety you were looking for, for the resolution of your emotional world, and for a final resting place where the vulnerability, burning, and tenderness would end. But you are seeing that what you are is the luminous vastness in which the feeling of safety dances and in which the burning can find safe passage.

Surges of longing, waves of confusion, fragrances of aloneness – these are portals through which love is bridging you to the unseen. There are no mistakes here, nothing has gone wrong. These are your yogas now. Lay these ones on the altar in front of you and bow.

Though it is not easy, you are seeing that it is through your vulnerability, sensitivity, and broken openness that love is able to make use of your body, of your psyche, of your tenderness, to emerge out of the stars and bless this weary world. Honor the fire that is raging within, for it is the link to the unfolding of pure being.