Saturday, November 1, 2014

The moon above - and the beloved inside...

Just one boy and a morning sunrise in the mountains, with the moon above and the beloved inside; she is always there to hold me and this overflowing heart. It can be unfathomable, really, that one more day has been given, one more chance to know love as it pours out of the unknown and into this rare world of time and space.

So many friends have come to share in this one radiant moment—feelings and colors and fragrances that I'm sure have never come into this special place until now—playing inside this body only to dissolve again back into her essence. Even the color blue is enough to take this heart apart, cell by cell, when allowed inside in pure intimate communion.

This entire sensory world is a holy appearance, each form no different in essence from the ground of luminous consciousness itself, each arriving with the same invitation: Remove your clothing, come inside, allow me to show you the mysteries of separation and union, of lover and beloved as they journey together into eternity.

This life has been so complete, so overflowing, so filled with love and the unknown –
stripped naked by the beloved as she re-orders everything, re-wiring this body and these senses as her envoys here.

If I am graced with another day tomorrow, or even if I make it all the way to sunset, I will fall down into the autumn leaves with profound gratitude. If, however, today turns out to be my last, then I will fall into eternity with the same. 

Glorious photo of Last Dollar Road near Telluride by Kevin McNeal