Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sanctuary for the groundlessness that is here now

There will be times, as a sensitive human being, when you are greeted by the fragrance of disconnection. Waves of sadness, joy, loneliness, and bliss are washing into your raw, tender nervous system. But who am I?

Others are not seeing you as you are. The world is not holding and supporting you. All the old dreams – about love, about intimacy, about your "life purpose" – it's all falling away, dissolving into vast, empty space.

The call from the beloved emanates as a thundering silence in your heart: will you embrace the disconnected one? Will you weave a home for the sad one? Provide sanctuary for the confused one? Enter into communion with the uncertain one? Please do not abandon these translucent pieces of your cellular body – sending them off as orphans into a lonely desert.

Friend, the beloved is everywhere, has never left your side and will never do so. She will only continue to appear as path – in sweet, fierce, peaceful, and wrathful forms – until your heart and your body are set on fire with her activity.

Art by Sasha-Fantom