Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pure, sacred bewilderment

The journey of lover and beloved will never conform to our hopes, fears, and fantasies, for it is emerging out of the unknown, drenched in particles of creativity and soaked in the mysteries of form.

As you give everything to know these mysteries, you may notice that only one prayer remains – "thank you." At some point, there is nothing else you could ever say, could ever ask for, or could ever want. All other prayers burn up in his or her body. Just... thank you.

Listen carefully as this primordial prayer reverberates throughout each and every cell, weaving in and out of each miracle strand of your DNA, unlocking the secret places inside your ripe body. Allow yourself to fall to the ground in gratitude on this new day, utterly bewildered at how love will do anything to infuse the relative with its light. 

This is a pure, sacred bewilderment. Give everything to know this.