Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mingle your essence with the newly fallen snow

As we watch the first snow fall here in the hills of light, I am aware in speaking with many of my sweet friends around the world how so much of the journey has become about how we can get from 'here' to 'there' – from the messy, gooey, stickiness of the relative – of intimacy, of relationships, of emotional intensity – to the absolute, to god, to peace, to 'happiness.' And how one day in the future, as we fast forward and spin off out of the miracle here and now we might one day find ourselves delivered into some pre-packaged set of experiences designed to show us that everything is clear, known, understood, secure, resolved, 'awakened,' 'healed,'—all neatly wrapped up in some safe spiritual package that we can rest in and find ground. 

But the heart knows nothing of these things. It knows nothing of resolution, of some landing place of the known, of some 'grace' or 'healing' coming in the future, and of some final certainty and safe resting place. Instead, it is on fire, fiercely creative, and burning in the reality that in any moment the beloved, in whatever form she chooses to shape-shift into, may shatter the known into billions of tiny pieces, each one a special grace-friend sent from beyond to show us something wild about the mysteries of love.

Let us watch in awe as the movement from 'here' to 'there' dissolves in the mandala of the beloved, recycled into her body and seeded out into her world, where we are no longer urgently seeking and waiting for some 'new,' 'higher' state of consciousness or some mythical journey to resolve from human to Divine, from relative to absolute, from yucky to yummy, and from unknown to known. 

Instead, let us rest in awe and astonishment as to how the beloved wishes to make use of the relative, as she pours grace out into the world as these bodies and these senses, crafting each of us as alchemical vessels of love in action. And how alive she is right here and right now in this ordinary and very extraordinary radiant here and now moment. It is then we are able to mingle our essence with the fresh newly fallen snow, offering beings everywhere a glimpse of just how precious it truly is here. 

Photo by Sandra Bartocha