Thursday, November 6, 2014

Just look into her eyes and see...

As you wander through this world in various states of separation and union, attune to the lunar holding of the beloved as she takes form as the pregnant full moon. Go out into the mountains, get near the water, and remove every barrier between you and love.

There is nectar dripping from her that is pure revelation. Open your body and receive it inside you. Let your heart break wide open on this night for love is alive... now. There is no love, no grace, and no beloved of the future. Only now. Just look into your heart and see, just look into her eyes and see.

From this moment forward, do whatever you can to help others. Hold and love them, speak words of kindness, touch them with sweetness. Let them know how precious they are and the miracle that this rare star world truly is.

With the lunar beloved filling your heart, offer the gift of your tender presence, so that beings everywhere may know their essence as the union of luminous space and wild, embodied love.