Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An untamed fire of presence

Underneath the narrative of your life, just below the grand storyline, even beneath the colorful emotional landscape, there exists a rich, mysterious world of sensations – a somatically-organized field of intelligence, creativity, and aliveness. But there is no support here for personal identity; there are no “problems” here; here, there is no evidence of your great awakening; there is only an untamed fire of presence.

In any moment, you can enter this field and come to see in a very direct way that whatever arises in immediate present experience – whatever thought, feeling, emotion, image, fear, or longing – no matter how seemingly disturbing – is ultimately and immediately workable. In fact, at this dimension of being, every experience is seen to be utterly empty (of concept) and full (of luminosity-awareness).

Descending into the body, into this wide open, empty space can seem terrifying, but things are not always as they seem. At the sensation level of experience, you are presented with an entryway into the freedom, love, and vastness that you are. And it is out of this alive space that flow the qualities of kindness, compassion, attunement, and presence.

It can be scary here, yes, because in this field of open awareness there is no support for personal, egoic process; there is no “known” here, for it is a non-conceptual environment; you will never find some “awakened” me here or a life of invulnerability or a resolved reality where your heart will never break. But you may come to see that you never really wanted these things anyway; you are being called to something much more vast, alive, and creative.

Here, you will only find you, as you are, and the unique arrangement of love and awareness that have come together to assemble your one, wild, unprecedented life; there is nothing like it and never will be again. Love is calling you to know yourself, finally, all the way through, because there is none other like you and never will be. Love has chosen to take shape as your very heart, in this radiant here and now moment. And there is no greater miracle than this.

Another glorious photo by Marc Adamus, here from the south ridge of Oregon's Three Fingered Jack peak