Monday, November 10, 2014

An environment of compassion and intimacy

I am willing to feel happy. I am willing to be the space in which sadness can dance. I am willing to allow feelings of connection safe passage within me, as well as waves of loneliness. I am willing to weave a sanctuary for fear, to create a home for disappointment, to stay close with despair, and to say yes even to hopelessness.   

Perhaps our experience is not as much about us as it appears. Yes, sadness has come, but is there a sad one? Yes, the fragrance of disappointment is infusing the space around, but is there a disappointed one? Have you looked and found these ones in you actual embodied experience? 

When you see that the freedom you so tenderly long for arises out of the commitment to full participation in the actuality of your experience as it is – and not in the changing, transforming, or healing of it – you begin to rest in the majesty of your essential nature. 

What you are is vast, tender, vulnerable space, an environment of compassion and intimacy for the beloved to do her work here.