Saturday, October 11, 2014

This burning, this longing, this quivering aliveness...

It may appear that things are falling apart around and inside you, that what you were so clear about only a few weeks ago has now been shown to be limited and less than whole. Ground had appeared, for a moment, but has been removed leaving you inside the gates of the mandala of integration. It is true the beloved will walk inside with you, but she will not protect you from your own heart.

You are being poured into the unknown, where something new is waiting to meet you, but there is very naturally some anxiety, some fear, and some trepidation about the whole thing. None of your reference points really mean anything any longer. The only thing you know for sure is this raw, naked, shaky, tender heart... and the longing that is burned into it.

You sense that something is coming to end, but you are unsure of what is being born in its place. Stay in the middle and watch in awe as your body is brought alive by the beloved and her envoys of blue and gold light.

This burning, this longing, this quivering aliveness – these are your only scriptures now. You are right on track.