Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The path is everywhere

On the path of space and kindness, you may discover that you do not need to let go of the stories you have woven about yourself, others, and the nature of the heart. For they will liberate on their own as you are able to meet and provide them safe passage, honoring the protective function they have served. 

Watch in astonishment as the stories of the abandoned one, the lonely one, the happy one, and the awakened one dissolve into the ocean of the beloved, in your commitment to no longer abandon and resist your present experience.  

Take a few moments today and look up into the autumn sky. Look carefully for you have somehow found yourself in a rare world where love is alive. This is no ordinary moment. Take the risk and see that there are no obstacles here and that there is nothing obscuring your nature as pure awareness. 

You will never find more love, for love is what you are. The path is everywhere. 

Photo of the most glorious holding field of Mt. Sneffels in the San Juans, in my precious Colorado, where the beloved is alive and dancing.