Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The inner chamber of pure translucence

In every moment, your experience is falling apart – arising, playing, and dissolving in tender space. It is already doing this as this is its nature. If you will consciously and lovingly participate in what is already happening, you will enter the inner chamber of pure translucence. 

You are not a problem which needs fixing. No mistake has been made. You need not subject your burning raw alive experience to endless psychological and spiritual process. Please do not delay your full, conscious, embodied participation in this miracle life for another moment. 

There is no healing tomorrow, no awakening arriving in the future, and no grace coming in the next moment. Love is alive – and is only here and now. Open your senses to the activity of the beloved one, for he is all around you; she is your eternal friend, loving you in ways the mind will never understand. 

Your body is a factory of grace, a holding field of space and kindness. Just look and see. The beloved will be waiting to meet you in the core of your somatic unfolding, exactly as it is. He will hold and embrace you as his only, sweetest lover, but she will never protect you from the breaking and absolute rewiring of your heart. 

Art by Lise Marion