Sunday, October 5, 2014

Out of the body of the beloved

No matter how far away you feel you are – or how close – the next step is always the same. Enter through the doorway of the unknown and allow the key to dissolve into empty-luminous space.

Each moment of your life is an invitation to give yourself to this, over and over and over again. Each person that appears is the beloved in disguise, each color one of the emissaries of love, each fragrance an envoy of luminosity. There is no end to the revelations of your one, tender heart, for it is your eternal home.

The beloved is unfolding herself into this reality at all times, revealing the truth that you are always already whole. In just one sacred now moment, receive her transmission of cohesiveness, resonance, and integration.

You will never be able to capture the reality of love with the conceptual, for it is emerging fresh in each moment, as drops of nectar pouring out of the body of the beloved and into yours. Peer through the veil and you will see that you have never been apart.

Open your body to the beloved on this new day and become a vessel for her wild activity here. Use your words, your arms, your eyes, and your presence to seed this world with kindness, and do whatever you can to help others know their true nature as the union of vast space and purifying love.