Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Love is never far

Though it may appear so at times, the sensations, feelings, and emotions moving in you are of the nature of pure wisdom and creativity. See that what you are is the tender union of vast space and radical kindness – these are the primordial substances which have weaved the mandala that is your very own heart. 

The ancient whisper to come closer – to enter into intimacy with all things – has been alive in you since your time in the womb and has grown to a thundering silence in these last weeks and months. The invitation has been presented for you to infuse whatever is appearing in the radiant here and now with your presence, holding, and care. For metabolization by love is why you have come here. 

Love is never far, friend, for it is the essence of each and every organ and every cell, each and every synapse in your brain, and each and every strand of your DNA. It is erupting out of pure light each time you hold another sweetly and in every moment that speak kindness to one who is hurting. It is pouring forth every time you stay close to embodied experience and refuse to abandon the waves of intensity within. 

You can stop the frenetic scramble for love now, for you will never find it – for you can never find what you already are. While the beloved will continue to play hide and seek with you into eternity, it is always her secret hope that the game will end, and that you will rest inside him forever.