Thursday, October 9, 2014

Here in a mandala of love

What if love never feels safe? What if it was never, ever meant to provide that? What if no matter how many profound insights you have, how many amazingly powerful awakening experiences you collect, or how convinced you become that you have it all together, that you will always be at risk for the beloved to step in and transmute your world? To come in and through her crushing art of holy transmutation show you how open and vulnerable it really is here in a mandala of love?

Let us not forget that the primary task of the beloved is to seed deflation in the field of separation. While there is a part of us that will always long for intimacy, closeness, and primordial union, there may always be an unconscious investment to stay safe and to stay separate, manifesting often in the guise of true connection and spiritual opening.

When you give this life to love, you will always be safe. But you will not always feel safe. For the beloved has come to introduce you to totality and to the wholeness that you are. In the vast meadow of the beloved one, you are neither "safe," nor "unsafe" – you are the luminous holding field in which safe and unsafe arise, dance for a short time, only to dissolve into his tender presence.

Love is alive and the beloved is shape-shifting in this and all moments, to reveal the vast, warm, and translucent nature of your radiant, overflowing, broken-open heart. Take just one moment of sacred pause, slow way down, turn within, and you will see.