Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Your lovers are everywhere

You want the path of the heart to feel safe, but this is not its function. While you will always be safe as you take this journey, at times it will not feel this way. As you re-embody to your historic core vulnerabilities and provide a loving space in which the sacred process of metabolization may occur, it is almost certain that feelings of survival-level panic and anxiety will be triggered. These feelings are not mistakes or evidence that you are flawed or have failed. Open your heart to them and you will see that they are your teachers and none other than special envoys of the beloved one herself.

Let us remove the burden from our intimate relationships and from our spiritualities to produce feelings of safety, ground, and certainty, for this burden is not theirs to carry. As we release this obligation and withdraw the projections of the unlived life, we will see that love has not come to remove loneliness, heartbreak, and hopelessness, but to reveal the translucent nature of all form.

Friend, the path is everywhere and will appear vividly as you make the commitment to no longer abandon your immediate experience, ready and willing in any moment to meet whatever arises with a wild, embodied kindness. If you will slow down and offer spacious, compassionate presence to whatever arises in the open mandala of your sensitive body, you will meet your lovers everywhere. And stand by in awe as these ones guide you home.

Artist unknown