Wednesday, September 24, 2014

To stay with your embodied vulnerability is a gift of love

Each now moment offers an opportunity to know what you are as loving presence, to meet whatever is arising in your experience with warmth, tenderness, and kindness. If you notice you are triggered in a particular moment – and unable to "stay present" – you could open your heart to that inability, to stay close with the reality of even that, resisting the temptation to conclude you have failed, that you are horrible at "staying present," or otherwise shaming yourself as you may have been shamed as a little one in your family of origin.

We are wired in so many ways (many of these very intelligent and adaptive) to avoid pain and turn toward pleasure. You need not enter into war with millions of years of evolution. You will lose. In letting go of the war, you are re-wiring the ancient pathways of fight, flight, and freeze, with the activity of love.

For to stay with your embodied vulnerability, even for a few seconds, is a gift of love. 

As an experiment, you could let go of the spiritual superego, the spiritual super-parents in your head, admonishing you for not being able to "stay present," to perfectly forgive, to do it right, to be loving all the time, or to feel happy and joyful in every moment, to be fully healed and awakened. Instead, you could slow way down, get curious, fall to the ground, get really humble, and reconnect with the miracle that is your breath, your body, and your senses.

Lay your hands on your heart and make the commitment to infuse whatever appears in present experience with space, with curiosity, and with kindness, daring to see that nothing has gone wrong, that all is path, all is God, all is the beloved, come in any form she must, to show you how whole you truly are. To the degree that you will meet the beloved as she takes shape as you and your life circumstances, exactly as they are, it is to this degree that you can be there for another, and the degree to which love will pour out of the stars and into this world.