Thursday, September 25, 2014

The heralding of a new world

Many of you have found yourselves at a precipice, standing on the edge of a cliff, with the known on one side and the unknown on the other. There is the lure of the known, on the one hand – that sort of familiarity, safety, security, and certainty; on the other you are being called to by love to fall into its uncharted waters, to swim in its majesty, and to be transparent to its movement.

You are not exactly sure what will come next, but you are sensing a precious opportunity that has been laid out in front of you: these feelings that you have spent your life avoiding (whether through addiction, habitual avoidance of difficult emotional states, co-dependent relationships, or even through spiritual beliefs and practices) seek your holding; they only wish to touch and be touched by you. They mean you no harm, but only seek the light of your awareness. They have provided you with the most intelligent, tender, and compassionate care but, for many of you, the time has now come for you to consider parting ways. You are ready to fall into the unknown and to let love have you.

This is not an ordinary moment. In fact, it is the heralding of a new world. You are being asked open the door of your body, your psyche, your nervous system, and your heart – in a way that you couldn’t actually do until now – and allow that which has yet to be metabolized to reveal its intelligence, creativity, and guidance. These feelings, emotional states, and bodily sensations are here now so that they may be integrated into the splendor of your being, at which time they will then be returned to the stars. There is a trade-off, though, and that is that your life will no longer be organized around safety, surety, and the known; there will be no more ground and no more support for conventional egoic process. It is important to recognize the immensity of this.

You are in the unknown, and it is both terrifying and exciting; there is no reference point, but there is a sense that anything is possible. It may be disorienting, confusing, and bewildering here, but one thing is certain: it is only through kindness that you can approach your neurotic organization and defensive strategies. There is no other way. It is by being willing to make the most radical commitment you have ever made and could ever make: to the truth of your experience, exactly as it unfolds, and to receiving whatever appears in the most outrageous holding field of kindness. Nothing need be discarded; nothing is “non-spiritual,” everything is valid, everything is path, everything is God.

Perhaps you will be asked to remain vulnerable and broken-open forever, but I think it is a trade-off that you are willing to make.