Thursday, September 11, 2014

Luminous pieces of love

There is a deep desire in us to "let go" and a frustration and even shaming of ourselves when we believe we are unable to do so. Whether it's letting go of the past, of certain feelings and emotions, or just about anything that reminds us of how vulnerable, raw, and tender it really is here in this precious body, letting go often becomes a new tool of self-aggression and abandonment. For many spiritual seekers, the ultimate letting go is of what has come to be known as "the ego."

As we slow down, become really embodied, in touch with our senses, our beating hearts, and the somatic flow of natural awareness, however, we may come to ask: is love actually asking us to "let go" of anything? In one fresh moment of resting fully in the here and now, we may come to receive a very different invitation: to fully and finally meet everything that is arising within, without pathologizing it, without needing to change, heal, or transform it at all – without needing even to "let it go." Perhaps whatever is arising is just fine as it is, on its own, doing its own thing, and not in any way an obstacle to your own healing and aliveness. And when not interfered with, via spiritual process, it will reveal its true nature, as none other than love or the path in disguise.

While there may be a very vivid and colorful appearance of that which we call "ego," upon investigation are we able to find such an entity lurking around somewhere in our psyches or immediate somatic experiencing? Or is "ego" just another concept that we've learned, another new enemy to do battle with, another way to disembody to present experience, and another way in which to shame ourselves? Perhaps in the willingness to finally no longer abandon yourself and to in fact make an unconditional commitment to holding, touching, and meeting whatever arises in your experience (including "the ego" whatever that is) – that this is where you will find the love and freedom you are longing for.

And that upon this meeting in loving awareness whatever is false and less than whole within will "let go" of you. You might discover that through staying fully embodied to your vulnerability in all its forms that there is nothing in fact for you to "let go" of and that you are already and always free, and already and always actually committed to your life as it is.

In the Dzogchen tradition, they talk about phenomena self-liberating upon the meeting with naked awareness. When we are able to stay with form as it arises, in a very embodied way, wrapped in a cloak of compassion, presence, and kindness, we may come to see that it will take care of itself, without any effort, striving, or struggling of our own. And that even the "ego" itself is made of strands of awareness, revealed to be none other than luminous pieces of love itself.

If you will dare to call off the war with yourself, love will be waiting for you, for it is what you are, and you will see that there are no "obstacles" on your journey, only further revelation of just how infinite and eternal the path really is.