Saturday, September 13, 2014

Deflating the mandala of the conceptual

So many of you are in transition from the known to the unknown, and there is very naturally a lot of anxiety, trepidation, and hesitancy about the whole thing. Strangely, at times you're feeling more alive than you've ever felt. There is a part of you that wants clarity, wants it to feel good, and wants some resolution to all of the contradictory thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You are longing for some solid ground to stand on. You're tired and have been working so hard. You are cosmically exhausted. You just want some rest.

You want the path of the heart to feel safe, to provide answers to your questions, and to establish a new reference point for you to move forward from. But the beloved has not come pouring into your world to give you these things. She has come to offer deflation into the mandala of the conceptual world, and to unlock the activity of wild creativity inside your body, and in the stars and the tides and the moon.

So much has fallen away over these last weeks and months – so much that you thought you needed, so many of the identities you thought you had to maintain, so many ideas about the nature of love and why you have come here. But what will arise from the ashes of the known? You are not yet being given any answers, but continue to be asked to sit in the fires of groundlessness, and to stay committed to complexity, confusion, and contradiction. You are being asked to let go of the need to resolve something, to wrap it all up, and to spin back into the known.

Wherever you look, the beloved is there – calling you home, inviting more and more awareness, taking you into your burning and not away from it, revealing to you the most radical truth of this dimension: Everything here is path. You need not discard anything. She is longing to show you, through everyone you meet and every somatic revelation arising out of your miracle body, that there is no obstacle here, that there is nothing obscuring your unfolding and illumination.

Yes, it may appear that your fear is working against you, that your sensitivity has taken the other side, that your aloneness is in the way, and that your confusion must be turned into clarity. But inside the palace that is your own body, the beloved and her emissaries are seeding your entire sensory world with their energies and their illumined qualities. They are using particles of love to open and close parts of you, to flood you with consciousness, and to re-orient you to wholeness.

The beloved is a shape-shifter, and will use the entirety of the relative world to reach you, to open you, and to enfold her vision into your cellular reality. She is preparing the ground for what is next. But what is next is always and forever made of the unknown. Stay there.

Photo by Naomi Paquette