Monday, September 29, 2014

Behold the jewels buried in the luminous soil of the darkness

Go out into the natural world, get near some water, breathe deeply, and allow everything that is less than whole to dissolve into pure presence. Let go of the ancient belief that you must hold it all together, that you must figure something out, and that you must change, transform, or "heal" your present, embodied experience.

The story is unyielding, the questions are relentless, and there is that familiar sense of urgency – you must find answers, some resolution, and a landing place to get away from the burning. It feels as if your very survival is dependent upon it.

You are on fire to locate a reference point from which you can make sense of the archaic journey of death and rebirth you have found yourself in. It feels urgent, but the burning is purifying. Let it wash your organs and cleanse your cells, as it reveals wholeness and unfolds primordial integration within you.

Practice radical self-kindness, water the fires with intimate self-care. Stay close. Nothing has gone wrong. You are in the arms of the beloved and being re-wired by her emissaries of integration. Trust. Rest.

If you disavow and split away from death and push into rebirth prematurely, you will never know the richness and the jewels buried in the luminous soil of the darkness. 

Artist unknown