Thursday, August 28, 2014

Just one now moment in a star of love...

It can be quite disorienting when we come to an embodied, experiential knowing that there is *nothing* in actuality which corresponds precisely to our ideas and concepts. Even our most precious spiritual beliefs are not able to touch or to hold reality, for it is just too vast, too intelligent, and too creative. At first, this realization can be so shocking, and we can be plunged into the unknown in a way that can be destabilizing and leave us feeling lost.

But as this experience becomes somatically integrated over time, we might start to discover this groundlessness as our actual home, that it is in fact our true nature. For it is out of the translucent unknown that the particles of love enter this reality, making use of our bodies, our hearts, our kind words, and the sweet way that we hold and touch another.

Things are so open here, so fresh, each now moment a profound gift of the beloved as she unfolds herself into this world of time and space. In every interaction, we are given yet another opportunity to be astonished as to how love will use this form to unveil its fragrances into this world. As we see so clearly that this life no longer belongs to us but only to the beloved one, we can be filled with the most tender sadness as we allow in the majesty that is actually taking place here. This is not the sadness of the mind that is convinced something is missing, but a vast, full sadness and broken openness at how rare it is here in a star of love.

Let us give everything on this new day to know the eternal and infinite movement of love – and do whatever we can to help others come to discover and embody their own true nature as love itself. Let us see together how precious it really is here, to be a raw vulnerable sensitive human being, and fall to the ground in awe with one another at the gift of love that is being offered in every now moment.

You are this gift. Please don't forget this.