Saturday, August 16, 2014

For this deepening is endless

As long as there is a sensitive physical body, a raw tender heart, and the willingness to take the risk of greater intimacy with all things, more burning and the opportunity for further and deeper metabolization is likely to arise. For this deepening is endless. It is always possible to become more and more translucent and transparent to the activity of the beloved as she crafts this body as her sacred vessel in this special grace world of form, time, and space. From here, there is no "final" arriving place, no dream of some "full awakening," no fantasy of a life of invulnerability, and no longer the habitual fascination with getting into and maintaining "higher" and "higher" states of consciousness. From here, you can see that the beloved has very little interest in all that. 

What can shift profoundly, however, is the willingness, at all times, to offer unconditional space and kindness to whatever arises, to be ready in any moment to meet, hold, and offer sanctuary for the raging somatic world in all of its forms and appearances. We can make ourselves ready in any moment to touch sadness, to provide a home for grief, to enter inside the core of hopelessness, and to hold despair close. We will even enter into intimacy with the darkness if this is what love needs of us, if by doing so we can somehow open our hearts and help another in even a small way. 

As beings wired for compassion and attunement, the beloved may always ask us to feel more, to more deeply open to and touch those secret places inside our bodies and hearts, so that her signature and fragrances can move through us into this world. Rather than focusing upon ending the burning, let us stay committed to remaining embodied to its wild revelation. For it is by way of this commitment that it can take on a very different dimension and way of moving in our lives. 

Finally, together, let us discover and embody that ancient vow we took long ago: to give our hearts to others and to the preciousness of the natural world – and to allow this body to be woven into a pure holding space through which love can finally find safe passage here.