Saturday, August 2, 2014

But, somehow, love will catch you as you fall...

At times, the only home you can find is one built of materials of utter homelessness, offering no reference point in which you can look back to understand or make sense of your life. The only ground left is that of a tender, alive groundlessness. Anything could happen and nothing will ever be the same again, that much is clear. It feels as if you are falling apart, but even that idea dissolves into empty space as you realize you were never "together" to begin with.

At times, a broken heart will appear as your teacher, and will erupt from within to reveal how alive you really are. This teacher will demand that you stay embodied to your most raw and sensitive vulnerabilities, for these are the portals of love. In ways the mind may never understand, you find yourself wandering with the beloved in whatever form he or she is appearing, though this movement is of the unknown and may feel disorienting. It is also profoundly exhilarating as you open to what is truly being offered. 

While it may seem you are falling off a cliff, it may just be a cliff of love. You need not hold yourself back from this life, friend. Give everything. Give it all. Let everyone and everything matter. Take the risk. Take a swan dive into the very center of your heart, even if you're scared, even if you have no idea whether you'll survive on the other side. Oh, friend, you won't. But, somehow, love will catch you as you fall, and hold you in ways beyond your wildest imagination. 


  1. How do you suggest would one follow the advice you're giving in the third paragraph? Finding ourselves by diving deep within is something many authors say. But how do you do it? How do you find yourself and dive deep within? How does it feel to have found yourself? What steps do you need to take? I've never understood this part and I'm trying so hard.

    "Let everything and everyone matter"? Wouldn't that just open the door to people taking advantage of us?

    1. Hi,,Ricawiebe..How are you! I think there are some different ways we can find ourselves..starting with just "living life", one day at a time.Experiencing nall the predictable and non predictable moments of life...and embracing them all.It takes both sunshine and rain to make a flower life inevitablywill have bright and dark days.There is a time for everything the good book says.....a time for dancing...mourning.....etc,etc,etc.There are times we must go out of our comfort zones....and and find what we are looking for on our journey....while at the time embracing what God...fate and the wings of providence .....blow across our horizon.Ask yourself some heart seeking questions....when your feeling lost...that's what I do....Is this the person I want to be right now in my life.....If not...what steps can i take with God's help to be a better me.....yet at the same time...being thankful for who you are right you have blessed the lives of other's with who you are,,and all your beautiful ways...and beautiful soul.We are all humans....falling down...rising up.....but we keep going.When Matt says.."Let everything and everyone matter"...I think he kinda means.....embrace all of life....try to see the good in every day....the big and small stuff....when a child smiles at you....eating your favorate dessert and enjoying it,,,being happy for anything positive in your life...taking a trip....having family, share with.....not getting buried by our pain...lonliness....hurt...bitterness,,,,working on it to heal....being freer in the best person we can be.....a journey of the spirit...soul...mind....body.....believe me....I am working on it all right now too.....have a long way to go....but I am embracing the journey...with God"s help too, Letting everything and everyone matter doesn"t mean persay,,,you are best friends with every person in the world....but you see everyone as a fellow human such as yourself....and you begin to appreciate the beauty of the things in your life and around a gorgeous sunset.....a beautiful butterfly that happens to flutter into your world.Give to others with what you feel to give from your heart......God always finds a way to bless us back......Have a nice day.....from a fellow sister searching...expanding...enjoying and embracing the journey....Kim