Saturday, August 2, 2014

But, somehow, love will catch you as you fall...

At times, the only home you can find is one built of materials of utter homelessness, offering no reference point in which you can look back to understand or make sense of your life. The only ground left is that of a tender, alive groundlessness. Anything could happen and nothing will ever be the same again, that much is clear. It feels as if you are falling apart, but even that idea dissolves into empty space as you realize you were never "together" to begin with.

At times, a broken heart will appear as your teacher, and will erupt from within to reveal how alive you really are. This teacher will demand that you stay embodied to your most raw and sensitive vulnerabilities, for these are the portals of love. In ways the mind may never understand, you find yourself wandering with the beloved in whatever form he or she is appearing, though this movement is of the unknown and may feel disorienting. It is also profoundly exhilarating as you open to what is truly being offered. 

While it may seem you are falling off a cliff, it may just be a cliff of love. You need not hold yourself back from this life, friend. Give everything. Give it all. Let everyone and everything matter. Take the risk. Take a swan dive into the very center of your heart, even if you're scared, even if you have no idea whether you'll survive on the other side. Oh, friend, you won't. But, somehow, love will catch you as you fall, and hold you in ways beyond your wildest imagination.