Sunday, August 31, 2014

A holding space of pure kindness

As we become aware of the specific ways we distract ourselves from the naked aliveness of immediate experience, we can start to make a conscious choice to re-embody. We can return to the life of the senses, to our open-hearted dedication to the truth of our life as it is, and to an uncompromised commitment to infusing whatever arises in a holding space of pure kindness.

In this field of heart-centered, compassion-infused embodiment, we can no longer pretend we’re not feeling what we’re actually feeling; whatever guest arrives in the home of the heart is welcomed, allowed, taken into the inner sanctum, and held as a dear friend. Inside this secret chamber, our neurosis, our fear, our heart-wrenching humanity, our panic in the face of true intimacy, our fantasy of a life without vulnerability – all of it begins to become dismantled, dissolved, disassembled, and taken apart by love. It’s not always easy, often not fun, but somehow we know that falling apart into a radical intimacy with somatic revelation is the only way Home.

When love is revealed to be the ultimate organizing principle of this very rare and precious human birth, a wild grace steps in and takes over – we are in the illuminated mandala of the beloved – and she is showing us at the most profound level that no mistake has been made, and that this life could never be a "problem" which must be transcended, transformed, accepted, or even "healed." For you are far too vast and brilliant; what you are need never be "processed." Something else is calling – we are being summoned by that same wild activity that assembled this precious universe and this gorgeous and forever exposed heart, particle by particle, cell by cell.

When this call is let all the way in, grace in all its forms is unleashed throughout our lives – sometimes fierce, sometimes sweet, and always wildly creative and transformative. Somehow, we are no longer driven to enter into some "other" state of consciousness, for right here and right now the beloved is raging and alive inside us. We watch in awe as love melts away our mythologies of awakening, our fables of enlightenment, and our fantasies of resolution. In just one moment of stepping all the way inside the purifying fires of gratitude, we sense that maybe we had it backwards all along. Perhaps the journey was never actually about how to get more for me, how to get to more God, how to get more love, how to trade *this* moment in for some other, or how to wiggle into some sustained transcendent experience, where we might remain safe and untouched from the burning crucible of intimacy with all things.

In just one moment of allowing the entire known world to fall away – including everything we thought we needed to stop postponing full entry right now into this miracle life – the journey from “here to there” dissolves right before our eyes. The rug is pulled away, all reference points vanish, and in its place only love remains. The movement from “here to there” is replaced with “there to here,” with love, not “me,” running the show. “How will I pour forth through your particular body, using your individual senses, expressing as your humanity,” love asks? “How will I take shape as your hands to touch another so sweetly, as your words to speak kindness, and your being to presence the sacredness of the other as they are?” This life is then turned upside down, in total wonderment, filled with an unfathomable gratitude, and taken over by an excruciating curiosity as to how love will reassemble your world.