Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The playground of love

When we allow ourselves to enter luminously into the embodied, subjective experience of another—without the projection of burden that they change, heal, shift, or transform—and when they feel us with them inside of the cracks and crevices of each and every cell of their heart—love takes over, the great natural perfection begins to whisper its secrets, and we turn toward home, together.

The journey of lover and beloved in this world of time and space will never conform to our hopes, fears, dreams, and fantasies, for it is emerging out of the unknown, drenched in particles of creativity and soaked in the mysteries of form as it drips out of the stars and into this world.

As we watch in astonishment as to how love wishes to make use of this grace body and these miracle senses, we behold the unseen activity of the beloved, and the sweet and fierce grace that are her envoys here. We are in awe as we realize that this life is not a project to be solved, not some mistake which must be corrected by process, but is the playground of love itself.

As we remember that ancient vow we have taken to give our lives to love and to hearts everywhere, we find ourselves no longer concerned with some mythical ijourney from "here to there," but crumbled to the ground in gratitude and holy bewilderment at how love will do anything to infuse the relative with its light.