Saturday, July 26, 2014

Open your heart to the envoys of integration

In the erupting here and now, the beloved is seeding her emissaries inside your hopelessness, planting them in the very core of your melancholy, and hiding them in the inner sanctum of your confusion.

Each of the guests of your heart have been invited to an extraordinary meeting-- joy, fear, bliss, sadness, and despair-- arriving with excitement and longing for just one moment of your care and holding.

Though it may appear that there are many obstacles along the way, in one moment of rest and wild loving kindness, you will see that the path is everywhere, appearing as endless invitations into the brilliance of somatic revelation. Open your heart to the envoys of integration and watch in astonishment as to what is revealed next.

Though you were looking for the beloved elsewhere, he is drawn to the secret caverns within you, and she to the dark as well as to the light. Stay close to the middle place, for it is here that you will do your sacred work together.