Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A pure crystalline reflection of the form of the beloved

Sometimes we forget that there is something more than love that really matters. We look up into the afternoon sky and are just not sure any longer. We know that somehow it must be possible for life to give us more—more connection, more grace, more awakening, more intimacy, more 'higher' states of consciousness, more acknowledgment, more joy, more peace, more lovers.

We wonder if we've done something wrong: perhaps we've not prayed hard enough, or in the right way; meditated enough; served enough; been broken open enough; hurt enough; healed enough; opened enough; forgiven enough; let go enough, accepted enough, remained enough in "the now." We can become disoriented, confused, lost, and despondent in the face of it all. When will the great shift occur – from one thing into another?

And then in the next moment, the beloved sweeps away the display of separation and sends her envoy of colors into our world, to remind us of some ancient truth that we'd forgotten. The veils are opened just a bit, and we behold the wild activity of the particles of love, shimmering and entering inside us. In this candle flame instant, as we flicker between life and death, we see so clearly the raging perfection of this body, this mind, this heart, and this world.

And for this one moment, we rest knowing that this life, exactly as it is, has only ever been a pure crystalline reflection of the form of the beloved—dancing, playing, and shape-shifting into this world of time and space, as us, exactly as we are.