Thursday, June 12, 2014

Your body is a factory of wild grace

Your confusion is of the nature of luminous wisdom and is none other than pure consciousness itself. This is the lion's roar of the open heart, and is being revealed to you now as the secret teaching of this special love mandala you have miraculously taken birth within.

Even your disappointment and your hopelessness will reveal themselves as illuminated guides if you will allow them safe passage within. While it may appear that some cosmic mistake has been made, your body is a factory of wild grace, transmuting whatever arises into the clear light of awareness.

As you descend below the storyline and into the raw sensations of somatic brilliance, you may discover that there is no suffering inherent in the naked embrace of sadness, confusion, aloneness, and despair. For it is only in the abandonment of your present experience that suffering can take root in this world.