Tuesday, June 3, 2014

You can never bring the known into this light

Perhaps it's time to just give it all up—the urgent activity to figure out the answers and the frenetic scrambling to hold it all together. Friend, we will never resolve the wild ways of love! You can never bring the known into this light, and the beloved is sure to strip you of all your hopes and fears at the entrance to her mandala of presence. For she wants you naked—and to finally reveal to you that it is only by way of your burning that you can enter here.

Surrender all hope for some grace that might come in the future. For there is no such grace. Grace is alive only here and only now. Take just one sacred pause and see. Allow the dream of future healing and future awakening to incinerate in the warmth of blessed, raging presence. Let love have you. Step all the way in—no more holding back, no more excuses, no more postponing. You can be who you are now.

This revelation is being made available to you only in the wildness of the here and now. Let it wash over you, drenching your cells and organs, and pour out as golden nectar into the open hearts of beings everywhere.