Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Update on my meetings with Jeff Foster in August in Colorado

The StarHouse in Boulder has approved additional seats for my August 3rd meeting with Jeff Foster—Falling in Love With Where You Are: Embracing the Joy and Heartbreak of Spiritual Awakening. The event originally sold out quickly and the extra seats are likely to do the same. Learn more/ register.

Jeff and I will also be offering a program on Saturday, August 2nd, at The Solstice Center in Boulder, which is close to selling out too, though there are some seats left. Learn more/ register for Presence: The Ultimate Medicine.  


  1. I will attend your first day program. So glad to. I need you right now. Things are timely, and synchronistic. You came into my life at the right time. You and Jeff. I posted this in a private group, I might as well have posted it to you, because I believe your and Jeff's energy is what I need to get me through this right now. Gotta bring the love into the angst. As I wrote in the close group:
    It's hard getting into the frequency of what I want and align with it when the emotion of what is is so in my face and hard to move away from. Confronted with emotions so big that it is easy and "natural" to fall into the freq of what is and wallow there.Yes, I listen to Abe, Bashar and Kryon, etc., and during the moment I am listening, I get it, I do, I really do! It's the other times that get me. You think I'd be stronger... (PS, A good thing about what is happening is that I am being shown how to love where I'm at, what ever emotion is happening and attachment to it, and am more able to be in the witness state and accept it with love)
    Any words of wisdom to really shake me out of this?

    1. Dear Katrina, thank you for your note and for opening your heart here; Jeff and I look forward to connecting with you in August. For now, perhaps you should rest a bit, friend, and let go of the habitual movement to spin into some other frequency or state, or to shake yourself out of the radiant here and now. Something is asking to be met within you - let us discover that together and create a home and sanctuary for all of you, and cut into lifetimes of abandoning precious Katrina. And come to discover that whatever is there - even non-acceptance, a 'low' vibration, weakness, confusion, despair - that these ancient ones are also infused with love if we will finally turn toward them with kindness and the light of awareness. Though it can sure feel like, perhaps no mistake has been made, perhaps there is no suffering inherent in these experiences, but only in the abandonment of them, and in the conclusions we've come to that their mere presence is evidence of an mistake, a problem, an obstacle, that we have 'failed,' or that we are ultimately unlovable as we are. Looking forward to seeing you, friend. love, matt