Thursday, June 19, 2014

The mandala of primodial nourishment

It is so precious to be resting at the ocean again. For me, she is the ultimate holding environment, cleansing my nervous system and washing out my heart with her luminous presence. All I can do is watch in astonishment as she invites me deeper and deeper inside, into her mandala of primordial nourishment. 

By way of her tides of grace, she is working with the moon to open me even more to how fragile it really is here, how raw and sensitive this body has become, and just how deeply in love I really am. Each wave of feeling, emotion, and sensation arises and dissolves back into the ocean-like nature of pure awareness, further revealing her secrets of separation and union. 

I’m not sure how I could be any luckier, really: the eternal ocean-womb surrounding me, a tender and erupting broken-open heart, and the most achy tinge of sadness knowing I have taken birth in a world where love is alive. The beloved is shape-shifting all around me and I have no choice but to give this body to her.

If I am graced with another day tomorrow, I will crumble into the sand in profound gratitude. But if for some reason today turns out to be my last, I will drown in her eternal dripping sweetness with the same.