Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rewiring somatic pathways within you

Just behind the veil are the beloved and her envoys of transformation. They are dancing naked there in empty space, appearing and dissolving in front of you. Manifesting as master weavers, they are unfolding strands of dark and light, in order to rewire somatic pathways within you. 

In preparation for what is next, they must first unlock and illuminate your secret places. Activating and firing neurons of love, they work with colors, fragrances, and the sensual world to craft new portals of bliss, so that they may ripen and fill you with drops of fresh nectar. 

Though it may appear as rather ordinary, your body is the bedroom of the beloved, a wisdom field of pure translucence. Open the door, step inside, and then close it. Watch in astonishment what happens next, as she comes alive inside you.