Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Receive the wisdom of the golden blue transmission

Your present experience is filled with intelligence. This is the direct revelation of the heart, sent into this dimension through illumined jewels buried within the darkness.  It is never easy to turn into the vulnerable places, it may never feel good, and it will always seem a bit groundless. But what you are is so vast. You are a holding field for the sacred world.

When you turn toward the burning which is surging within you, you will be met in ways you may never, ever understand. Guidance will emerge from the stars, the moon, and the colors around you, bursting out of your very own body to reveal the wild wholeness that you are. Pause for just one moment, open your heart and your senses to embodied revelation, and receive the wisdom of the golden blue transmission. 

Trust, friend, in the revelation of your direct experience, for it is the vessel through which love is coming alive in this world. It is pouring forth now as a full-spectrum firestorm of radical creativity, so that it may re-introduce something that this weary world has forgotten.