Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Resting from the weary project of 'me'

Listen to the messengers
of the sacred world,
as they reveal themselves
through your longing,
your unknowing,
and your vulnerability.

Get near the water,
fall to the ground,
go into the forest,
get messy, get gooey.
Enter into sweet communion
with the flower in front of you.
Give yourself one moment of rest
from the weary project of 'me.'

There are portals
being unlocked within you
that are pure creative space.
If you will offer a home
to the emissaries of integration,
these portals will open,
revealing the mysteries
of lover and beloved in your heart.

Open wide, friend,
give your entire being
to the beloved one,
in whatever form he or she is taking,
for without you and your sensitivities,
love will never find its way here. 

Photo by Shalzmojo – the pure grace field of the Champa