Friday, June 13, 2014

Looking up into the full moon, I fell into a confused state...

Looking up into the full moon
I fell into a confused state,
entering inside her lunar holding,
lost and spinning in love.

Is the beloved inside me,
or is she without? Help me, oh moon,
to resolve this mystery
once and for all.

The moon said:
If you say she is outside you,
you deny the reality
of the luminosity within,
and the wild grace
which has been placed inside
the cells of your
very own heart.

But if you say
she is inside only,
you will burn
out of existence,
denying her raging body,
her flowing hair, the fragrances,
the taste of sweet nectar,
and the precious form 
she has taken
right in front
of your eyes.

There is one beloved
who is within, she said,
and another
who dances without.
Give everything
to know this union.

While the wise ones
of the past
will always choose
the beloved within,
you seem to be of the hopeless,
she reminded me—
crazy, mad with love,  
and just too foolish
for all that. Disheveled,
falling into the creek,
mumbling poetry to
the water devas,
and following the outer beloved
wherever she calls you.

Oh, friend, this wildness will
never be resolved.
Let us rest together in that
sacred bewilderment.

If I allow myself
to fall any deeper
into this mystery,
I fear I will never return.
And I will miss her terribly. 

Full moon setting over Boulder, opening her ripe holding field for all beings everywhere, taken by Ivan Faul