Monday, June 16, 2014

Just one moment with the color blue

How to respond when love is pouring out of the cracks of the sidewalk, weaving in and out the tender places of this broken-open heart, and dripping out of the painting that the beloved has offered as the grandeur of the morning sky? Just one moment with the color blue, with the blooming lilac here at the creek, with the soft smile of the homeless friend who just needed a hug... endless invitation. 

It is so clear that I know nothing—no secrets, no ancient wisdom, no magical revelations, no  'powerful' teachings, nothing about 'spirituality' (whatever that is), about the Self, about pure awareness, about any of all that. Only this burning aliveness, this rawness, this intimacy, and the whispers of the beloved one inside this body in the pregnant, erupting here and now. The inner and the outer beloved are dancing in union inside this heart, taking me deeper inside her and drenching me with the mysteries of her wild light. 

I really hope to make it all the way through this new day and to see what might possibly be shown next. But if for some reason I do not, for now I am left with an unexplainable, raging alive gratitude for this chance, this rare opportunity to have a human body and these miracle-senses—to have been shown even a tiny sliver of love. 

Photo credit: my playground in Chautauqua Park, hide and seek with the beloved in my precious Boulder nest... by Mark Barton