Monday, June 2, 2014

And a revolution will be ignited...

Perhaps journeying on the path of the heart will inevitably result in some form of heartbreak. Perhaps this is in fact its very purpose: to reveal wholeness and to unfold the primordial movement of integration in the world of time and space. If you are foolish enough to accept such an offer from the beloved, then let us go there together. Stay close to your raging somatic reality and watch the known crumble in front of your eyes. 

Yes, at times you will feel whole, at other times broken. For the beloved will employ each of these movements to take you into the mysteries of separation and union, and into the eternal dance of lover and beloved. Friend, please give everything to know these mysteries. 

This emptiness inside, this hole you feel, this untamed groundlessness, this darkness in the center. Stay there. Please do not abandon yourself, for these ancient companions are filled with a light that is brighter than a billion suns. To know this light – and to be its emissary in this sweet love world – you must first weave a sanctuary within you for it to be held. If you will create a home for even the unwanted within you, this light will pour out of the stars and into hearts everywhere. 

To receive this transmission, you must practice the sacred art of radical kindness. For when you make the unconditional commitment to receive whatever arises in your immediate experience with tender holding, and with a wild open heart, love will be unleashed here, in all of its peaceful and wrathful forms. And a revolution will be ignited.