Wednesday, June 4, 2014

An outpouring of love stories, wild music, and sweet poetry

Love is not something you need to seek any longer. It is not something you will finally get more of one day, just as soon as you pray enough, meditate in the right way, go to more satsangs, forgive better, accept more deeply, eat the right 'spiritual' food, rest as the 'witness,' attend new processes and learn new magical techniques, or read (or write) more rambling facebook posts.

Friend, you will never find more love, for love is what you are. It is what your organs, your nervous system, and the cells of your heart are crafted of. It is forming as your arms when you hold another, as your words when you speak kindness, and as your tongue as you taste the honey-nectar of the beloved as it arrives by way of your sweet lover.

Allow yourself to receive the benediction of pure presence, for it is your birthright. It is wired inside you and longing to erupt from your totally out of control heart. For when it does, an avalanche of grace is unleashed, sending love stories, wild music, and sweet poetry into the stars and supernovas, seeding the galaxies with your unique light. 

Photo by Caya Bo - Banana flowers dripping nectar