Monday, June 30, 2014

A trembling eruption of pure grace

There’s a certain shaky vulnerability when the sun is rising that comes unlike any other. How could I possibly be given one more day—for these colors to drip into these eyes as if for the first time, to fully receive this new birdsong that has arrived from beyond, to enter into union with the purple lilies that have come from the other world? To be given a human heart that has been designed to make love with the phenomenal world and sweet lovers everywhere... pure majestic brilliance.

In one moment out of time, it is nearly impossible to tell whether the colors, the sounds, the smells, and these waves of feeling are occurring inside my body, or outside. Is this heart on the inside or the outside of my skin? It's almost confusing, the depth of communion. It is so vivid, so alive, so touching, a tinge of sadness at the preciousness of it all. It almost aches with the pain of such unguardedness. These yummy sense-friends know everything about me; they've ventured all the way inside, unfolding their sweet presence into my cells. I am naked before them and they have fully exposed themselves to me. There is no turning from wild intimacy any longer.

All of these unique forms presenting themselves to be beheld—“Look at me!” “See me!” “Hold me!” “Enter all the way inside!,”—each offering a never-before-seen space-doorway into a mystery beyond words. Each with a slightly different signature and invitation, yet each somehow illumined from within by that same love that keeps the tides on time and the stars from falling out of the sky.

Another Monday, it would seem, but there is no way this has ever happened before… or ever will again. Please take the risk, friend, to see that there is nothing ordinary about a new day, ever. For this day is none other than a trembling eruption of pure grace.