Saturday, May 24, 2014

You need not resolve anything - for now...

A great meeting has been assembled, and the abandoned pieces of your heart are the honored guests. The beloved is the host and is taking shape as a wild holding environment, employing particles of love to reveal the wisdom buried within your confusion.

She is master of the dark as well as the light, and will continue to seed your body with her essence, weaving the mysteries of separation and union into your luminous presence.

Stay intimate with the sensations, the feelings, and the emotions that are coming now, as your somatic brilliance is unfolding according to blueprints of the stars. Though it may appear otherwise, nothing is urgent. You need not resolve anything. You need not heal, change, transform, or hold it all together—for now. 

While the burning rages within, the truth of this love-realm continues to pours forth: All your experience is valid and nothing need be discarded. Look carefully and you will see the path appearing everywhere—erupting out of the translucent here and now—for the sole purpose of guiding you Home.