Wednesday, May 28, 2014

These ones have come to walk with you on a blessed journey

At times, a broken heart will appear as your teacher, and you will be asked to practice the transformative yogas of sadness and vulnerability. Your ancient companion aloneness has arrived as a clarifying, melancholic wisdom-guide from beyond, along with your fellow travelers the moon and the stars. These ones have come to walk with you on a blessed journey. 

At times, the yoga of a broken heart will emerge as the highest path for you, and will ask that you set aside all others, placing your tenderness upon the altar in front of you. 

If you will befriend your broken-open heart—and not rush in to mend it too quickly—it will reveal its primordial secret: in every moment there is an opportunity to break open even more. For it is through these cracks that more grace can come in. 

~ wandering with my special love-friend Sophia Loulou, sunrise, Taos... eternally astonished that one more day has been given. It is so fragile here, this life, for we never know if this sunrise will be the last. We sure hope not, for it is so precious here. Yet if for some reason it is, we will drown in the ocean together, willingly, and give ourselves to the great return, recycled in the womb of the beloved, and sent back out as shards of sweet and fierce love throughout the four directions. We have already been given so much more than enough. 

Let us open all the way on this new day, that we may be crafted as vessels of kindness, for ourselves and for others, and to this very rare opportunity to know and to touch the beloved as she moves in this sacred place. Let us behold her untamed activity, as she emerges from the vast, pregnant, creative unknown, painting our bodies with her swirling colors, unleashing her fragrances in the form of endless invitations, and dancing as a crazed one, drunk with love, resting ever so wildly in our hearts.