Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The unfolding of primordial integration

At times, answers will come to your questions, and at other times confusion will dawn. At times, old dreams will fall away, to make room for new forms of love and creativity inside you.

While it is natural to prefer clarity over confusion, the beloved has no such bias. For she will employ whatever energies she must in order to unfold primordial integration into the mandala of your experience.

Her tools are the entirety of the phenomenal world—colors, trees, a red moon, fluffy clouds, your hands to touch another so sweetly. Your raw tenderness, your sadness, your melancholy, your joy and your untamed bliss.

These and all forms arise in the vast luminosity that you are, and are being uniquely arranged so that they may drip as golden blessings into your one, wild heart.