Friday, May 2, 2014

Planting seeds of love in secret locations inside our Milky Way home

You have moved through one layer only to discover another has appeared. A door to the other world has opened. 

In one moment you are on solid ground and in the next you are met with dizzying groundlessness. Love is re-wiring you from the inside, though in ways the mind can never understand. That same pregnant creativity which keeps the stars from falling out of the sky is forming as your very own life, right here, right now. No mistake has been made.

Look carefully for the veil has parted. Behind it, the beloved is weaving her emissaries of separation and union into the cells of hearts everywhere, planting seeds of love in secret locations inside our Milky Way home. At the precise right times, these seeds will bear fruit inside your body, unlocking the secret places to reveal how much grace is really here. 

In the realms you are in now, you need not worry about words and understanding concepts. For there is another language you are attuning to. Stay close to this language. There are transmissions written inside the cells of your heart that are not composed of ordinary symbols. They are love letters, written to you from the beloved.