Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mingle your essence with the particles of the unknown

There are times when things feel so groundless and you can't quite get a hold on what is being asked of you. Something is pleading to be met within, but it feels just out of reach. Yet the creativity inside the emptiness is so luminous, pregnant, and vast—one world is ending so that another can begin.

Yes, the path of the heart can feel so disorienting, but this is a sacred disorientation. Stay with the uncertainty, setting aside the demand for answers, and open to the majesty of your sacred longing. For it is inside this holy disorientation that a womb is being prepared for your new birth.

The fruition of billions of years of prayers is appearing before you, but may never look like you thought. The golden particles of the unknown are forming all around you. Mingle your essence with them and watch in astonishment as you and the beloved play with one another, and your heart is polished by that love.