Thursday, May 15, 2014

Love may never feel safe

As you travel the ancient path of the heart, you may discover that you are always, already safe, in a very primordial sort of way. But the journey itself may not always *feel* safe.

Re-embodying to your most sacred core vulnerabilities—and staying with the burning and the metabolization that this path requires—may never *feel* safe; for the meeting with the beloved one, in all her forms, may never have been designed to offer this. To stay embodied to all that you are is likely to trigger some degree of achy panic, as you make the unconditional commitment to offer sanctuary to all that is being asked to be met within you.

Let us remove the burden of feeling safe from the wild uncharted territory of the heart—and from our spiritualities and intimate relationships—for it is not theirs to carry. For when we set aside this responsibility, we are able to meet life as it is, to enter into relationship with others as they are, without the requirement that love feel safe.

Perhaps love has not come into your life to provide the feeling of safety and surety, but to craft you as a translucent vessel of its untamed movement, which is always of the unknown, ragingly creative, and dripping with qualities of the unseen. 

Photo credit: Jake Olson Studios