Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It may just be a cliff of love

In my connection with many of you, together we have come to touch, illuminate, and hold a part of you that wants more than anything to surrender, to fall into the unknown, and to give everything to know what you are as love itself. We have also befriended and opened our hearts to other parts that are holding on for dear life, to what has come before, to keeping it all together, and to the safety and certainty of the known. Together, we have made the commitment to stay with whatever arises in your immediate experience, infuse it with a holding field of kindness, offering a resounding "YES," and to no longer abandon the sacredness of the alive and creative somatic world, exactly as it is. 

While it can be so hard at times—and can demand everything we have, and more—we are discovering together that your despair, your hopelessness, and your sadness is intelligent, utterly valid, and worthy of your attention and care. It need not be sent away out of the dripping mandala of your one precious heart. For these guests are particles of a certain frequency of luminosity, come in disguise, to reveal the golden substance of wholeness, and the blessed of movement of pure love as it moves in the relative world of time and space. 

Let us honor each and all aspects of your essence—the dark and the light, the confused and the clear, the neurotic and the awakened, the surrendered and the holding on—as sacred envoys of the beloved. For we are seeing that she will shape-shift into whatever form she must in the weaving of a sacred home for the entirety of what you are. She will do anything to reveal, again and again and again, primordial integration along the ancient path of the heart. 

As we've dropped into the center together—and are taking the risk that burning, transformative love will always ask of us—we inevitably find the beloved waiting right there, for she has always been right here—always on your side, your eternal friend, and never giving up on you. She is working with her emissaries in this very moment to illuminate each of your seemingly contradictory parts, in order to weave the multiplicity back into the one, and then the one back out again into the many. For this is the cycle of birth and death which she is initiating as your life in the exploding, pregnant here and now. Let us look carefully and we will see—and in this seeing we will be astonished. 

This is the way of the return, and you are the mad crazy wayfarer of love. This is your home and your lineage now, wandering from here to there, following the beloved and planting seeds of loving kindness, which will bear the sweetest fruit in the right time. You are willing to give your body and your love to others and to this place, and to honor the holy vow you made to break open, to stay tender, to hold another so close, and to give everything to touch the mysteries of the sacred world. 

While it may seem you are falling off a cliff, it may just be a cliff of love. You need not hold yourself back from this life, friend. Give everything. Give it all. Let everyone and everything matter. Take the risk. Take a swan dive into the very center of your heart, even if you're scared, even if you have no idea whether you'll survive on the other said. Oh, friend, you won't. Please give your heart now, for this world needs you. It requires your tenderness and your wild vulnerability, so that love may somehow find safe passage here.