Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Into the luminous ocean that is your very own body

At times, you will be asked to walk out into the darkness, into the unwanted places of your body and your psyche, and into the uncharted realms of your heart—without any assurance you will ever find your way back. But the path of love is one of wholeness, and a partial journey will never, ever satisfy you.

Friend, it is true the beloved will walk with you into these and every world of experience, but she will not protect you from the direct encounter with your own heart. While your journey will include times of rest, safety, and surety, the beloved has many tools, and will appear in your life in whatever way she must to awaken her essence in yours.

Look carefully, for her emissaries and envoys are appearing all around you, in this very moment. They are of the unknown and their wisdom and creativity is of the unseen. Look into the luminous ocean that is your very own body, and you will see.