Saturday, May 17, 2014

Into the abode of the beloved

Perhaps the greatest act of kindness you can offer to yourself on this new day is to shift your sacred awareness from the flow of thought, and place it into the center of your being, into the wild and alive movement of sensation within you. Make the commitment, for just one moment, to shift from thinking about your experience to resting in intimate union with it. Everything here is path, an invitation into the great natural perfection. 

Behold the wonder of your own breath, and the vast, creative intelligence that is arising now as your immediate somatic reality. Stay close to your embodied vulnerability and see that no mistake has been made. For your body is the gateway into the abode of the beloved. 

Yes, oxygen and carbon dioxide are passing in and out of your lungs, but there is another substance simultaneously moving in and out of the cells of your heart. It is love. Breathe in this pure essence, allow it to wash your organs, and watch as it is recycled out to open hearts everywhere. 

Friend, if the beloved revealed any more of her secrets, you would fall to the ground in astonishment. If it was shown to you any more clearly the majesty of the sacred world—and your part in it—your body would dissolve into light.