Thursday, May 1, 2014

Coming to rest in your true home

You want a road map
into the territory
of the heart,
but the beloved
will never provide you
with one.
For she loves you
too much.

He will only continue
to invite you into his world,
which is wild, alive,
and pregnant with
unbearable creativity.

It is as if your heart
is on the outside
of your skin now.
To allow in the transmission
of the color blue,
to feel the holding
of the moon in the sky,
and to fall apart
in bewildering bliss
as you meet
the tulip-friends
for the first time.

Friend, your beloved is everywhere,
opening new translucent portals
into your own heart,
so that you
may step through
and rest
in your
true home. 

Gorgeous photo by Garry Liddell