Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Break open in love with the pregnant full moon

Friend, you will never be satisfied with a partial love, a partial opening of your heart, or being a partial lover. For your nature is of a wild wholeness. You are a yogini of integration, and will break open in love with the pregnant fullmoon as she comes up to share her sweet lunar transmission with hearts everywhere. Let us meet and play together in her luminous field.

As you wander throughout this world, you might become aware of the most alive sadness filling your heart. This is not the sadness of the mind, where something is felt to be missing, but a reflection of how precious it is here in a world of love.

Perhaps you find yourself more and more willing to embrace and welcome your rawness and your shaky tenderness, which are now becoming your home and true refuge. You are moved to an outpouring of tears at a simple sunset, mad crazy in love with the one next to you, and taken to the ground by the colors and the fragrances as they make their way here for the first time.

Though the movement of the beloved is infinitely sweet and holding, in its essence it is everything. It is devastating as it is the end of one world, and glorious as it is the beginning of another. 

Photo credit: Delores Arabian